Prepare Your Site for Foundation Installation with Help from Diamond B Land Development

Hire us for excavation services in Abilene, Clyde, TX or surrounding areas

Excavating comes first for any construction project. When you need the services of an excavation contractor in Abilene or Clyde, TX, call on Diamond B Land Development. We can do everything needed to prepare the ground for your plumbing, slab support and foundation.

Call 325-513-5055 to schedule excavation services at your construction site.

Find out what we can do to expedite your land development work

Do you need help prepping your site for construction? Turn to Diamond B Land Development.

We can provide the following excavation services:

  • Gravel moving
  • Sand moving
  • Drain excavation
  • Footer excavation
  • Dump truck hauling

Our dedicated crew will make sure your site is excavated properly and fully prepped so construction can begin.

Contact us today to arrange for drain excavation services in the Abilene or Clyde, TX area. We offer free on-site estimates.